Employment Opportunity
Gulf Coast High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

Closing Date:  January 20, 2017

Enforcement Group Secretary
Salary: $24,000.00 plus 30% Benefits


This is a position established by the Executive Committee of the Gulf Coast High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (GC HIDTA).  The person selected will become a contract employee of the Jefferson Parish, LA Sheriff’s Office.  Funding for this position is contingent on an annually renewable federal grant from the Office of National Drug Control Policy.  The position will be based in Fayetteville, AR. The GC HIDTA will provide no relocation expenses.

This position will support GC HIDTA Enforcement Task Force efforts in the GC HIDTA Fayetteville, AR area.  Applicants may be required to travel to the GC HIDTA Fayetteville, AR office at their own expense for an interview.

Position Summary

This position performs the following functions in support of GC HIDTA Task Force Enforcement Group operations: 




How to Apply:

Forward resumes to Resident Agent-in-Charge, Drug Enforcement Administration, at 179 E. Colt Drive, Fayetteville, AR or email to Bryan.D.Rorex@usdoj.gov.

Resumes should specifically address past job experience and required proficiencies mention in this announcement.

Selection will be made without regard to race, gender or national origin.