Employment Opportunity
Gulf Coast High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area
Oxford, Mississippi

Closing Date:   June 16, 2017

Intelligence Research Specialist
Contract Salary Range $40,000 to $55,000


This position was established by the Executive Board of the Gulf Coast High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (GC HIDTA).  The person selected will be engaged as an independent contractor through the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Sheriff’s Office (JPSO).  The hired party will be required to sign personal services contract with Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office that will entitle the party to the salary of $30,770 plus 30 percent, equivalent to $40,000 per year.  Funding for this position is contingent on an annually renewable federal grant from the Office of National Drug Control Policy.  The position will be based in Oxford, Mississippi.  The GC HIDTA will provide no relocation expenses.

Position related travel at government expense will be required.

Applicants will be required to travel to a GC HIDTA office at their own expense for an interview.

Employment will commence upon the issuance of a secret level security clearance by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  When the clearance has been issued, an employment contract will be executed between the employee and the Gulf Coast HIDTA.  This process may take as long as six to eight months to complete.

Position Summary

This position performs functions targeted at the effective collection, analysis and dissemination of drug intelligence in support of investigations.  The incumbent will be required to gather intelligence information, to identify conspiratorial relationships and to research complex projects in such areas drug cultivation and production, methods of transportation, trafficking routes and analysis of drug trafficking organizations.  The Specialist will be required to develop and present information to case agents, supervisory personnel, U.S. Attorneys, grand juries and high level decision makers for use in criminal prosecutions, seizure and forfeiture of assets and to assist in policy decisions.  Final research products will be presented in both written and oral formats.


Major Duties




How to Apply:

Forward resumes to Chris Ortiz at 3838 N. Causeway Blvd., Suite 1900, Metairie, LA  70002 or e-mail to ortizc@gchidta.org.  Resumes should specifically address the items in this announcement. 

Selection will be made without regard to race, gender or national origin.