The Gulf Coast HIDTA is situated between major drug corridors along the Southwest Border and lucrative distribution markets along the East Coast and in the Midwest. This has resulted in significant illicit transshipment activity, including drugs and aliens, by Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO) on our interstate highway system. These same organizations transport illicit proceeds of their enterprise in bulk cash and weapons to the Mexican border. The interstate highway system that traverses the four states, including I-10, I-20 and I-40, are used as their primary corridors. They also intersect with four north-south interstates and countless subordinate highways to provide an effective transportation network for DTOs.


Our Mission

The mission of the Gulf Coast HIDTA is to reduce illicit drug availability and its harmful consequences within its designated areas by supporting intelligence-driven task forces and supporting infrastructure designed to target, disrupt and eliminate drug trafficking organizations impacting our region and beyond.

Our Vision

The vision of the Gulf Coast HIDTA is to significantly reduce drug availability in its six-state area by maximizing the collaborative and cooperative efforts of its participating law enforcement agencies.

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Gulf Coast HIDTA

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Investigative Support Center (ISC)

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Blue Lightening Operations Center (BLOC)

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